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As a customer of Simplisafe now, I was considering switching to Wyze for Deadbold lock, cameras, door sensors, Video door bell, etc, etc.
But after reading recent reviews from Dec and Jan it looks like I’m on the fence. I’m trying to get away from glitchy systems or apps and so on. I would like to see if anyone now has a security system with everything, and how its all working? Not sure if these people are having trouble because of updates they haven’t done or crappy wifi or what. Any info would be appreciated.
Thanks !!!

You need to read the posts for yourself. Everyone will have a different response. There have been ongoing issues with several of the products including the door lock and Home Monitoring System. Some of the problems are firmware related and some are not. Biggest issues are missing features and how slow Wyze can be getting things fixed. Customer support is also a big issue.

Yeah… I’ve been trying to read up on it as much as possible. It’s just sad that these things are for peoples peace of mind/convenience with having cameras, deadbolt locks, etc and nothing seeming to work flawlessly and being glitchy. Especially the deadbolt locks. People seem to be having issues with those as well.
I’ve spent over a $1500 on Simplisafe products for my house but, I’m not 100% satisfied with products and customer service being from out of the united states. They can’t understand you, and you them. Even more frustrating when you are calling for an issue already.
But reading reviews and Wyze and now on the forum, my issues doesn’t seem to bad. lol
And thanks for the info BTW.

You may or may not have read on the forum, Wyze support is in the Philippines and is pretty non-functional at the moment due the the typhoon that hit a while back. Even when it is running normally your support tech is basically someone reading a script and can’t really help with any significant issue. The primary response is to replace the product under warranty even if that won’t solve the problem.

Keep one thing in mind when reading reviews. It’s basic human psychology that people will go out of their way to complain but are generally fairly silent when they’re happy with an item. If you go on most sites, take Amazon for instance pretty much all items have they’re fair share of negative reviews just because people are more likely to leave negative reviews than they would be to leave positive reviews. It doesn’t make shopping for products any easier but I can tell you that I have the security system and many many other products and I have not had any issues with them at all. It pays to be knowledgeable in your products and in your network. If you’re well versed on both of those, you can likely troubleshoot any issue that will arise


Well, one thing you have with Wyze is they don’t take your money up front. And so far my connections with tech support have been positive – i even thought they were in the US


I had a delivery order problem with SAMs Club last week.

Conversation progressed ok, but she was a little hard to understand.

After I got off the phone from with support, I received an email for a survey and yes SAMs Club support is in the Philippines also !


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How so? You pay for CamPlus upfront, You pay for Home Monitoring upfront. (Both assume annual subscription.) You pay for products that allegedly ship but don’t really leave for sometimes weeks. You “Pre-order” new products which you pay for long before they ship.