It all arrived - in with Wyze - out with Simplisafe

I’m a Simplisafe customer, and decided to give the Wyze versions a go. It took a while to get everything I needed to replace my current system — and the last items just arrived!

I’ll post here my results, progress, issues, and successes.

Have others made this same full switch?

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Went the other way myself - couldn’t get rid of Wyze fast enough, and will never consider them in the future.

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Full switch from VIVINT, with a lot of expansions.

Were you using the home security & monitoring solution, or some of the other hardware?

Other hardware. Out of 7 total devices only 1 is still working (and it’s on S/W and F/W at least 4 releases back because newer versions don’t work). Not exactly the type of performance history, or support, that gives one the confidence to invest in a ‘home security’ system.

If you review R_T’s forum contributions, you will see that they are 100% negative about Wyze…one has to wonder why a person who obviously has such a poor opinion of Wyze products would be such an active participant in a forum about Wyze products. How much time do you people in your buzy lives spend trolling a business you don’t support? Do all of you actively waste your time checking in on a user forum for products you hate and make comments regrading those products?

Of course, if you have some other motve to continue to bag on a company you might do so but how many of you would waste your own unpaid time doing so???

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Can you elaborate on this, what other hardware, what do you mean 7 total devices and only 1 still working: what 7 devices and what is still working?

Can you provide more detail?

Let us know how it goes. I am interested in your findings as my HMS hopefully will be coming in soon. I have nothing now, so this will be the first. :slight_smile:

Sorry about the delay, been ‘under the weather’ for a while. I had 3 cameras, and 4 plugs. 3 of the plugs stopped working and the 4th followed them into the trash. 2 of the 3 cameras (1 V2 and 1 PanCam) failed and were trashed. The 1 remaining camera (a V2) is still in operation but with F/W at least 4 releases back because newer F/W breaks a basic function I use.

Took me a while to get to it, but wrapped up the system switch this past weekend.

All installs were easy and didn’t run into any major issues. The longest part of the process was the hold time to cancel my SimpliSafe service!

I had the first version of Sense, and had a number of problems with that. This next version, used by the home monitoring, so far has been much better.

Is there any plan to have the v2 sense hub work with the outdoor cams? I assume that the tech is different, but it would be nice to have a single hub that would work with all relevant products.


Glad the switch went well!

Wyze hasn’t mentioned anything on this, but I think you’re correct that the electronics inside the sensor hub and WCO base are different. The WCO base is just an access point that only connects to your camera(s) with a hidden network.


I was planning on switching most of my cameras to wyze (though I’m a hoarder and would always find a use for the old ones) And I can’t get past the popping buzzing noise in the V3 cameras. I think it’s a hardware issue that they haven’t addressed or even openly acknowledged. I’m really disappointed because for ease of use, Wyze has the best ecosystem of the brands I’ve tried, and is easy to set up in tinycam. Please let me know how your doorbell performs. I bought one of those too, and I might keep that, but it will be a minute before I can install it. But the V3 cameras are kind of some hot garbage imho, and that is sadly my first experinece with Wyze at all.

What issues are you having with your V3’s? I am not having any issue with mine and get notified quite frequently

Every single one I’ve opened and started using has loud popping hissing interference noise when it’s close to a window or outside. If it’s well inside the house, or in a corner that has less potential radio interference, it can be quiet, but the noise shows up in video recordings and live view and it’s unbearable. I think there are different batches of cameras because some people have none of these problems, and some of us are struggling to get wyze to acknowledge the issue. I really want to like these cameras. Aside from that one issue, I have very few complaints. The microphones could pick up sound a bit better, but that’s nothing compared to the radio interference that they actually pick up.

I have 7 setup outside or in my garage without issues. I will monitor, but you may be correct, may have a faulty batch.

So quick update, I changed to a different router, and the noise issues have significantly reduced on the cameras, but it’s still there. I think it’s silly that anybody should have to buy a different router just to use their cameras. All of my other ip cams work fine on my original network. So this is clearly a problem with wise products, however it can mostly be alleviated by getting a better router. One of the cameras, actually too still have static that makes using them unbearable if you need sound. The other two just kind of have mild background static on the better Network.