Dead in the water security system

After waiting months, I finally received and set up my security system bundle. Horray!
Except not so much…
While I have been able to get everything set up in the app, there are a couple of problems that render my shiny new system completely useless.

First off; the door sensors. When the doors open or close, the red light blinks once to signal that the sensor has been triggered. Despite this, I have a constant “open” status in the app. This makes it impossible for me to are the system without immediately triggering an alarm.

Second; the pinpad. It lights up when buttons are pressed, but that’s about it. If I want to arm/disarm the system, it has to be done from the app.

Most frustratingly, is the lack of customer service. When I first started with these problems, I opened up a chat, and things were going well. Then i had to exit the chat in order to reset all of the devices, so the chat was moved to an email ticket.
At that point, it really started to go downhill. Once I replied back to the email, the reply I got was in no way related to my issue, and it was obvious that the person that sent the email never bothered to glance at the support ticket history that was right there under their reply.

Now, here we are, four days later, waiting on another reply after explaining my issue all over again and getting radio silence.
I’m starting to wish that I had never bought into the security bundle. What should have been a seamless integration into the rest of my smarthome has turned into a constant frustration.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get this thing up and running? I’ve already reset and removed batteries, deleted/uninstalled app, deleted hub/all associated devices.

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You could try calling Wyze support.

A lot of people are complaining about Wyze’s terrible customer support. This is what happens when a company is more focused on new product development than support.

The last time I tried that, I sat on hold for close to two hours before the line just magically disconnected. I’m at my wits end here…

Hi @dixie.allen8816 and welcome. Sorry to hear of your troubles. I just got my System yesterday and setup as well, but have not experienced the same issues.

I don’t work for WYZE, just a consumer like you but can maybe help based on my experience with the just setting up my system.

First, What Device do you have the WYZE App installed on and is the App the “latest and greatest” version?

Second: Try replacing the batteries, did you set up a PIN to make changes on the Pad?

Also, did you put the system in “Test Mode” so as you are getting things smoothed out you won’t actually trigger an alarm?

Unfortunately, yes to all of the above.
App on android is up to date. Firmware version on all devices is the most recent.
Pinpad is completely set up including a pin. Tried test mode, which is how I learned that the door sensors weren’t doing right. Batteries replaced in all devices. Total app wipe; deleted all associated devices, uninstalled app from the phone, reinstalled app, re-added hub and all devices. No go.

I have had similar issues. My keypad will not connect at all. I have been in contact with support who had me do a bunch of troubleshooting which is expected. Since then, I have been handed off to five different people on an email asking for the same information provided three times in the email string. I have many Wyze products that I love, but this is making me question any future purchases. After two weeks, I received an email that they need to replace the entire system, we will see how long that takes.

Oh good grief. That does not bode well for me. On my second person and it’s been a week and a half since I last heard something.
I’ve got agree with you on this one. After waiting months to get the bundle, and then for it to be useless and getting worse than no customer service, I don’t see myself buying any more products.

Well shoot, what I had to start with you have done.
So odd the multitude of experiences. I wish yours was the same as mine. I am on Android as well Version 11 with a Samsung Note10+.

Hopefully you will get a support agent and they will get you sorted out.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance.

It’s all good. I appreciate the effort. If I could get the level of support from them that I’ve gotten here, we’d already have this thing figured out, I’m sure.

-side note, I’m on a Samsung Galaxy A10s

Well, I just received a return label and confirmation that a new system will be shipped within 3 days. Funny, right after I posted here I got a response.
I am sure everything will function as it should when I get a new one.
Hang in there @dixie.allen8816, I am sure they will get it sorted out.

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@dixie.allen8816 If you will post you support ticket number, I will see if I can get some Wyze eyes on this for you.

@StopICU33 I appreciate any help I can get. :slight_smile:
[Wyze Ticket 1169434]

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I have sent your support ticket number up the chain. Thanks for posting.

I was having issues with the keypad too. Either the instructions are wrong or some units are programed differently. After many tries this is what works for me. First press the mode, wait for the keypad to light up then enter pin and check mark.