Customer Service Feedback Survey needs to update the confirmation screen

I took a survey to answer what I thought about my recent interaction with Customer Service. After the survey was done, this is the confirmation that shows up:

Notice, that instead of advertising for Cam Plus, it is advertising for the old service of “Complete Motion Capture” which it says is “a new Service for Wyze Cam!” :rofl:

It was an easy thing to overlook since the survey isn’t part of Wyze’s website, but is a 3rd party vendor, and it can be hard to keep track of all the 3rd party updates that need to be made too. I just thought someone should pass this along to let Wyze know that the appropriate team should send in to to update this confirmation screen to the new Cam Plus messaging instead of the old Complete Motion Capture messaging. :wink:


Ah, whoops! I also forgot that was there. I’ll go raise an eyebrow at the team! Thanks for flagging this. :slightly_smiling_face: