Suggestions for CMC purchasing and indications

I’ve been using the CMC trial and recently purchased the service. Both using the app and purchasing the service felt very disjointed. However, most of the issues are easy to fix workflow items.

For your consideration;

  1. No indication that Complete Motion Capture is active for any devices on the Wyze app home page.

  2. No indication Complete Motion Capture is activate on the individual device home page.

  3. No “Activate Streaming” button on individual camera’s home page.
    a. It’s buried all the way down under /Account/Wyze Services/Complete Motion Capture. Seriously? This is how you make real money. Why is it buried?

  4. Activate Streaming (Real Motion Capture) not supported in app. Why oh why do I have to go to your website?
    a. I was ready to purchase Complete Motion Capture. After searching and searching all through your app (It’s literally almost the last menu option possible), I discover I have to go somewhere else to purchase. Given how painful it was to find the option in your app, a reasonable person would expect a similar amount of pain from your website. A decision to purchase just became “something I can do later”, aka you’ve lost 50% of potential purchases.

  5. No View Events button on individual camera’s home page.
    a. Transition from viewing camera live stream to recorded events is poor, as you have to exit the individual camera to the Wyze main screen, navigate to Events, then filter on the camera you want to see. Bleah!

  6. Replace the “Devices” button for filtering on the Events page with each Device listed horizontally on a single line, scrollable menu.
    a. Bonus points if you can re-order devices on the scroll bar.

  7. No “View Live” option on the Events page.
    a. “One click” switching between live and recorded events is an expected workflow.

8. When I log into your website I’m presented with No Purchasing options.
a. Thanks for showing me “My Account”, but how about providing a menu item or button to up-sell on the products I own? E.g. “Activate CMC for your devices”. (You know that I own some of your devices!)

  1. Subscriptions page - lists that the free trial for some device that I own is expired, but does not list the device name! (initial impression)
    a. Your service cost is PER DEVICE, so a general “Add Service” button with device selection after click through doesn’t make sense. I see that you want to make it easy to purchase for multiple devices. Simply list all the devices on this screen. Keep the Add Service button and click through workflow exactly as it. (impression after clicking through Add Service button)

  2. The tab order on your Billing Info page requires two tabs to advance to the next entry field. Guessing you haven’t removed the text labels from the tab order.
    a. Trivial item but it’s (a) different from the Internet norm and (b) reflects a lack of polish.

  3. Fwiw, the “COUPON CODE” field on the final purchasing page simply indicates to me that I’m overpaying because I don’t have a coupon code to enter and the Complete Motion Capture is the only product I can buy from this purchasing page. It’s a little awkward, but I’d probably feel better if the Coupon Code entry was on the billing page.

Thanks! I very much enjoy using your products. Provided these suggestions because I want your products and services to move from good to great!