Current public app version has broken the ability to turn camera groups off/on properly

I have 6 V3’s running the latest available firmware in a camera group. Issue is with the camera group ON/OFF button with the most recent public Wyze iOS app. When tapping this button to turn a cam group off, it immediately goes back to the ON position - however it does turn off 5 of the 6 V3’s. Every single time, it’s the same V3 that fails tl then off properly.

Pressing the ON/OFF button again does not turn any of the cameras back on. You can only do it manually, one by one.

Also - is there any update on the landscape issue yet?! It’s been well over a month at this point…When viewing in landscape mode, tapping the back button when viewing a camera in a group makes the entire app rotate horizontally … and doesn’t bring you back to the camera group…or brings you back to the same camera view.

Can you post the Rules you are using. The Action for the V3’s still exist and seem to be working for me. If I set a Shortcut Rule to turn off Motion Detection, it will turn it off. As well as the turning it on.

I have recently loaded the latest Beta App 2.40.xx which may have changed something.

I am wondering if this is an iOS issue, will need to test on that as well.

What version of the App are you using?
What is the Firmware Version of the V3 Camera you are using?

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve figured out the exact issue, and have been able to replicate it several times now.

It seems that pressing the on/off button for my camera group of 6 V3’s is consistently turning all of them off, but one. The button does revert back to showing ‘ON’, but it does turn all but one V3 off.

Pressing the button again does not turn the cam group back on though. It is just stuck in an ON position, even though it has turned 5/6 cameras off…it cannot turn them back on.

All V3’s are running the latest firmware, and I am running the most recent Wyze app for iOS, released a couple of days ago.

Thanks. They just released a Beta App for both Android and iOS. you could try that to see if the issue is resolved.

Being on iOS it is actually easier to switch between apps. You would singup for the beta apps by going here:

Become a Beta Tester – Wyze

The good thing about iOS is you will installan app called Test Flight, that is where the beta app comes from. If you want the Prod app, simply uninstall and then install the Wyze app from the App Store and not Test Flight.

Just a thought.