No longer able to view v3 cameras using IOS app after latest update

Getting error code 23 and error code -14 when viewing cameras through my camera group.

This started occuring after updating camera firmware to

This issue doesn’t seem to occur on Android, but on my iPad and iphone this error occurs every time when viewing.

How come these issues are not tested prior to release?

Please advise as this is a serious issue.

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Working fine for me. I don’t regularly use my @#$%^&* iPhone with Wyze, but I test stuff as needed.
V3 cameras:
iOS app version 2.40.0 (6) on iPhone 13 with iOS 16.4

4 of my 7 wyze cams are no longer viewable in the Wyze iPhone app and are giving error 23 and -14. 2 are pan cams and 2 are wyze cam V3.

The cameras are at a remote property so I can’t unplug them or hard reset them.

The WiFi and internet are definitely working (3 of the 7 cams are working fine).

How can I get these 4 cams working?

If they are in a group, try removing them from it. There is an issue with cameras not working for live view whiled grouped, but working fine when not.

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Is this an iOS app bug? Because I don’t see it on my Android phone.

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It turns out the problem was due to the Wyze iPhone app version.

I updated to the latest version of the Wyze iPhone app and the problem was resolved.

Hopefully this will help others with the same issue.

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I have been attempting to solve this same issue for weeks now.

  • I have tried completely disabling IPv6 firewall security on my xfinity router/modem and that has not worked. (Read this could be the culprit in another forum)

  • I have updated my i0S on my iPhone XS to the latest version and WYZE app to the latest version.

Every time I am away from my house on another wifi network or on cellular I CANNOT load the live view of my cameras. Any of them. I CAN communicate with the cameras because I can go to a live view on any camera that isn’t loading and click the gear icon in the upper right hand corner, scroll down the menu and click restart camera. The camera will restart and once restarted I can see the live view. Then, after about 10 minutes, if I close the app again and reopen it to view the same camera or any camera, they are all inaccessible. I then have to go through the same process of restarting the cameras to see the live view. This is getting maddening.

I have the following products:

  • Wyze Doorbell V2
  • Wyze Cam Pan V3
  • Wyze Cam Outdoor w/ Base Station
  • Wyze Cam V3 (two)

They used to work fine until about 2 or 3 months ago. Now they never work for me. What changed? Please help fix this! I have been a big WYZE fan for while but I’m starting to become a big doubter.