Cam Pan and Issue

I have two Cam Pans that stopped connecting to live view on IPhone 11 when the cams were upgraded to firmware
The IPhone still connects to my Cam V3.
And the Cam Pans do connect and display on my Samsung S20 Android app.
So something in is causing these cameras not to work on IPhone IOS.

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Hi! Thank you for submitting this issue. We released our latest official App version 2.22 today. Could you update your App and test it again. If the issue still there, could you submit a device log and send me the log number? Thank you very much.

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Yes, 2.22.21 fixed the issue!


I had the same problem, all of my pans failed with the new update. New ios app appears to have it working again.

Similar issue but Android - something is broken !
Wyze app version# 2.22.31 (Android 11)

Wyze Pan Cam firmware#
Bridge in pan cam - firmware#

Wyze cam v2 firmware# 49.7.798

Pan Cam in App main screen shows ‘Device Offline’ & Motion Sensor
select Pan Cam in App & connects no problem
back to App main screen - Pan cam shows ’ Device Offline’ & Motion Sensor

Power cycled Pan Cam in App main screen show Online & Motion Sensor for a short period then displays ‘Device Offline’

Hi psraymond. Sorry for the inconvenience. Is the Pan still offline? If so could you get an SD card log and PM the SD card log and the MAC number of your device to me?

Instructions to get the SD card log: pop out the SD card and re-insert it into the camera. After (2) chime sounds, take out the SD card. On a PC/Mac (potentially with an SD card adapter if needed), please put your card inside and send the log_XXXX.txt file under the SD card root directory.

Thank you very much.

Apologies for delay, first time doing this & using this confusing forum. I am not sure if this is Private or Public. I have the MAC address of pan cam.
I did not find file on the SD card log_xxxx.txt.

So i am attaching screenshot of files on SD card so you can advise that you need.

Thanks for the update. Could you send me the tutk_log and the upgrade.log. I just PM you and you can send the files via that PM. Thanks

All I had to do was update the ios app