Create new rule for pan cam v3

Is there a way to create a rule to turn on/off motion tracking at a specific time and/or at dusk and dawn? Motion tracking works great at night, but during the day, shadows and flags that move with the wind is problematic. I’d like to be able for it to turn on motion tracking at night and turn off during the day automatically.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @beepaw!

Unfortunately, No. The Track Motion feature of the Cam as well as the Pan Scan feature do not have any scheduling capability within the Cam settings or within the Rules Engine (actions). Currently, those have to be toggled manually.

There are currently Wishlist topics where this feature has been requested, both within the Cam Schedule settings and within Rules.

If you would like to request that Wyze add this feature, follow the link to the official Wyze Wishlist topics, vote for it at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your reply post to support the request.