Create a transcript of the audio from the camera (or possible cameras)

My idea is to help monitoring people and get what they are talking about in an easy way.

If I could download the transcript of a video, in some kind of subtitle format, would be nice to search for parts of conversation, or to index a video , an event, to make it easier to find some point in time

Here are some examples

  1. two people working here have an argument, and I want to listen to their argument and see who started it or who is guilty

  2. I can tag all the events with Cry, Argument, Talk, Silence, Special words,

  3. I could download some part of the videos with subtitles

Be careful about recording conversations. In almost all jurisdictions, recording a conversation in which you are not one of the parties is illegal without explicit permission.

I understand, but the camera will be wide open to see in my case.

I am not a lawyer, but I doubt that just having the camera in plain sight would satisfy the notification requirements. Perhaps having a sign stating that conversations are being recorded would. However, it would depend on the exact laws of your state (if you are in the US). If you are outside the US, I have no idea what your country’s laws are. In any case, you should probably consult with an attorney to be sure.

Me neither, my wife is, and we are in Brazil, so it’s up to her to define it.

My point in this feature is the transcript of the conversation, I assume that the previous recording wasn’t against the law.


I think it would be great if we can get a transcript of event on recorded events that take place .sometimes I’m not able to get a clear enough audio.

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Would this be like captions of what is being said? This might be hard considering that an A.I or human would need to do this.

If you can’t understand what’s being spoken why would you expect a machine to?

You could certainly try running the audio tracks through other software (Nuance or others).

I’m deaf and we absolutely could use this feature as an accessibility feature. Do they have a feature yet because my old version 2.0 don’t show captions when people talk.

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