Playback Audio Question

I have a question about playback audio. If this has been addressed please let me know and I will remove this. When watching the playback, is there anyway to hear the audio from me while I am talking to someone on the other end?

Example, today our apartment complex sent a maintenance worker into our apartment when we did not have an open maintenance request. I asked the guy what he was doing there and we talked back and forth. I would love to have the audio from me talking to him. Is that possible?


Hey Preston,

Since the Wyze Cam tries to prevent echoing, it does not record what the Wyze user says via two way audio.


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The V1 and V2 cameras are half-duplex, whereas the Pan is full-duplex.

Do you use a second camera that may have been recording? That may of caught all the audio if it was close enough. If not, that may be a fix. I have two v2s cameras in my kitchen, one facing out the window and the other facing at some interior doors (both are set to continously record). If I talk to my cats on one, the other will get both sides of the audio. :grinning: