Wyze Cam V2 echo on recording playback

Hi All,

I have had my Cam V2 for a few months and I’m really happy with it.

My issue is when I listen to recorded content, I hear an echo on each recording. It’s about a half second behind the original audio. I have the latest FW. I have rebooted and restarted the device and the position of the cam is right next to the router (Less than 10cm).

Any one have the same issue? I tried searching the other topics but typing the “echo” brought up only Alexa Echo issues so sorry if this has already been covered but I couldn’t find it.

Thanks for you help in advance.

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Can you post a short video of it occuring? Sounds like an audio feedback loop but you said it’s a recorded video. Is there something playing the audio from the camera nearby and it catches itself?

That’s strange. I get that on live view if my phone is playing the audio from the camera, but that’s natural. I’ve never gotten it in any other scenario.

And welcome to the forums! We would appreciate a video of this occuring. Being a new user, your account isn’t able to post videos quite yet, but if you want a mod can enable you to add videos. Curious to see this video, thanks!

Done! :slight_smile:


Thanks all for the responses. I’ll upload a clip as soon as I can figure out how.

Super weird. I just downloaded a clip from the app and was going to upload it to YouTube but played it in my file explorer and there was no echo. Seems it only echoes in the Wyze app…