Cam Pan V2 - Echoing when using the Sound and Speak functions

Hello. I just got my first Wyze Cam. I really like it for the most part. However, I am experiencing sound echoing and feedback noise when using the Sound and the Speak function. I reached out to tech and email chat and tried their suggestions below. Completing these steps did not fix the problem.

  1. Confirm the Wyze app is up to date.
    -Go to the Apple App Store. Tap Update to update the app.
  2. Confirm the camera firmware is up to date.
    -Tap into your camera’s Live Stream from the Devices tab then tap the Settings icon > Device info > Check update. If there is a new version of the firmware available you will see an Upgrade button at the bottom of the screen. Tap that button to update your firmware.
  3. Force close the Wyze app.
  4. Power cycle the camera.
  5. Factory reset the camera and set it up as a new device.
  6. Move camera close to router to check if the distortions go away.

Would anyone have any suggestions on a fix?

Welcome to the forums!

How close are you to the pan cam when testing? If you are close, it could be audio feedback from the camera hearing itself through the app, then youll get the microphone “screech”.

Hello Omgitstony and thank you for your reply. I tried as far as another room and hall area away from the camera. I would guess about 35 - 40 feet. Would this distance be considered too close?