Audio problems on iPad Mini with 2 Wyze Cam Pan cameras

Hi there,

We have 2 Wyze Cam Pan cameras that we are using as baby monitors, and we absolutely love them (barring a few small issues). We use the cameras in conjunction with an iPad Mini 2 as the monitor. We’ve noticed a few problems with the app crashing and/or audio loss. Luckily the app crashes far less than a few weeks ago (thanks dev team!), but the sound will occasionally drop out. It can take a few minutes to a couple of hours for the sound to drop out. The only way we can get the sound back is by switching cameras, or more rarely, close and reopen the app. Is there a solution for this, or is a it a bug with the iOS app?

We also noticed the sound on the iPad app is very quiet compared to the app on our iPhone 7s. The volume level of the white noise machine (Echo Dot) or when the kids cry is drastic between the devices. The volume on other iPad apps (e.g. YouTube) is still really good though. It just seems to be limited to the Wyze app. Is there anything we can do to improve this?


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Using two v2 cams. From day 1 both have had a similar issue to your Pan cams. The cam :microphone: has yet to record a sound detection. That setting is set at 100%. Alarm settings for CO and smoke are set to active. Wyze v2 did not pick up the sound of the test activation of the CO monitor. CO monitor is within an unobstructed 20 feet of one v2. First gen retina iPad Mini and iPhone SE with updated software. Wyze cams & app with latest firmware/software updates. No change with the updates.

Volume with iPhone set at two notches below max is so low that two way communication using the “speak” option is not really functional. Not a big issue for my specific use of the Wyze cams.

Rare problem? Functional speak and sound detection feature a need for an outdoor and/or doorbell model of the WyzeCam.