Crazy colors

My camera video is appearing in strange grey, pink and green. I have tried restarting the camera, but that did not fix the problem. Any suggestions?


Defective camera. Open a support ticket.


You said you tried restarting the camera, but have you tried resetting it by pressing the reset button?

I’m having the same issue. Waiting for a reply from CS

Did you take drugs before you captured the picture?

Must’ve because it’s not coming down.

You first steps to try with this would be (1) power cycle the camera, (2) factory reset the camera.

Thanks for the help!
I did some research before creating my forum account and I’ve tried every fix available out there.
I ended up having a replacement shipped.


I am having the same problem, I just set the camera now!

I like it, I like it!.
Take a photo, enlarge it, print it, and hang it on a wall.
Better looking than anything I’ve seen in a modern art gallery lately.
Or, (since your camera is probably toasted anyway) give it a good tap and shaking. I had a similar problem with the internal IR filter being stuck. (Though mine wasn’t as beautifully bizarre .) Are you sure you want to fix it? You couldn’t possibly buy a camera that produces art like that for :grin: thirty dollars. Besides, think of all the hassle involved if you want to return it the forums! Are you seeing all the same crazy colors? Or is it just purple?

If you are seeing the full color range I’d make a Support ticket and see how Support can help with troubleshooting, up to possible replacement.