Camera glitch?

Every so oftenwhen I’m viewing footage it glitches turns green and pinkthen goes back to normal and it’s not just one camera. I have a screen shot but some reason wonyt let me upload. Any ideas? Here’s a link

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Is that only in group view? If you click into the individual camera, does it still show those colors? Just recently there was a poster that shared this image, but has not responded to questions about it. What device are you using and app version? Thanks in advance!

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It does when viewing individually as well and on both cam pan and v2 cam so it’s not isolated to a specific cam

App v2.10.74

I’d say all we can do from a forum standpoint is recommend camera reset, app force close and restart,

I’d say your next step is to contact support and create a ticket because this may be a hardware issue and they’d be able to help with that through more troubleshooting up to the possible replacement.

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