COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kits Now Available - 11/8/21

Last year we launched “Wyze In Response” to help our Wyze community cope with the ongoing pandemic. We leveraged our supply chain expertise to source highly-demanded items and make them accessible, and now we’re taking another step.

With a new surge in COVID cases, we’ve reserved a batch of affordable, at-home COVID-19 rapid tests for our Wyze community. Tests like these are difficult to find right now because they are an important tool to navigate new mandates, get early treatment, and ultimately stop the spread.

We hope this resource assists you in keeping healthy and safe.


Impressive, even with shipping, these are more affordable than the other ones I saw (but were out of stock at the time). Very cool!

I have a family member whose ex keeps trying to deny him being able to see his kids by routinely claiming the kids were exposed to someone with covid so they can’t go anywhere and she’ll claim test results are pending (without ever testing them)…so he’s had to result to buying and using rapid tests like these regularly just so she can’t keep denying him his time with his kids. From my family, thank you for making these more affordable and available so we can have family time.

I also do some contract work for a business in the healthcare industry which will find these very convenient since they need to offer or use these routinely in their line of work.

Seriously, awesome price.

I recommend reading the instructions and watching the video people. These Rapid tests can take 15 minutes to get results, and results are only valid for about 15 minutes after that (though this is a common disclaimer for almost any at-home self-test of any kind, not just Covid tests, but it’s still good to keep in mind so you are sure to know the accurate result). So don’t just test and check back an hour later or something. Test and check back after 15 minutes (recommended to set a timer) to get an accurate result.


You’re welcome, carver. That sounds like a really tough situation with your family member and the kids! Wishing you all the best. :heart:

We’re happy we can help make it easier for you all in the meantime. :slight_smile:


Oops! Sorry about that! Please try again. That should be fixed now.


nice. I watched the video, looks like when swabbing you don’t have penetrate too far. I’ve never done any antigen test, is it possible to get a accurate result doing a cheek swab or saliva?

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I’m pretty sure this one requires the nose. But you’re right! You don’t have to reach too deep with this one! :slight_smile:


I would like to order more than 5 kits for a school testing program. I need 20 kits. I do not need 90. Please provide an avenue to order more than 5 kits. Thanks!


That may require multiple orders at this point. :thinking:

But you may want to reach out to our support team in case they have a workaround for you! :slight_smile:

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I’d like to avoid shipping if I can. What’s the best way to contact the support team on this issue? is the best way to contact us! But I don’t know if you can avoid shipping for this.

There are other vendors that sell the kit I would go Google it

What is the percentage of accuracy with this test?

Huh I had not heard there was a test shortage. A few weeks ago there were plenty at the pharmacies.

It depends on the location. Locally the ones by me have frequently been sold out, at least when I have checked for them. I tried to get them online and a lot of the stores even stopped selling them online due to massive hoarding. Even Amazon was sold out.

There have definitely been supply issues, but a lot of it depends on where you live and the culture.

I’m guessing this is also why Wyze is setting a limit per order, to cut down on the hoarding issues.

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Nice ! At my work someone’s always positive for Covid , They might need some of these lol

Can this kit be useful for international travel? There is no mention of how the result is shown or shared (apart from the strip). Can individuals use the ‘iHealth Pass’ app or is that restricted only for group testing?

It appears it is for private use only (see references below, and feel free to contact iHealth directly for more questions or details).

I am not a Lawyer or appropriately Licensed Healthcare company (nor do I work for nor officially represent Wyze), so I am just sharing my personal opinions/understandings with what I’ve searched for myself here to attempt to help out (but do not take anything I say as official or legally valid).

So for everyone wondering if it’s possible to use self-tests for international travel, you can read the following in the CDC FAQs (scroll about halfway down the page):

So, for official/public use test purposes they do need some kind of verification that

  1. It was an approved test
  2. YOU are the person who took the test
  3. That you did the test correctly
  4. WHEN you did the test.

Therefore it appears as though a telehealth individual would have to verify your identity, watch you do an approved self-test, confirm the result and create a report about it in a national database that is verifiable (otherwise people could just pretend they took a recent test, but never actually did, and they want to prevent that).

As for whether THESE have a way to do be used for international travel, through the iHealth Pass. From their website:

This is not a PCR test and not valid for travel.

That’s a disclaimer from their website. So I will say these are just for private use. Also from their website:

Keep in mind, Wyze isn’t a healthcare company and is just helping distribute these. Specific health-related questions can be asked through iHealth’s support:

iHealth Support by Phone

Mon - Fri 8:30AM - 5:30PM PST
(U.S. Support)

I would probably recommend only getting these with intent for private use or verification. If someone wants to see if there is any way to use them for more than that, I’d try talking to iHealth support for more details, and/or talk to your healthcare provider or telehealth service that you would be wanting to use this way before actually purchasing them.


I’m on line at Walgreen’s and see the BinaxNow and QuickNow 2-packs, both at $23.99. Plenty on the shelf and they’re not even hiding them behind the counter anymore. Point of information.

Are the kits now slow to ship? I purchased 4 and it’s said ‘Mailing Label Created’ for a week now.