Anybody ordered the Antigen Rapid Test?

If so how long was delivery time?

I have ordered in the past, My Initial order was placed on the 11/16 and received on the 11/22. They are pretty quick on getting those out.

I order a second batch of 3 - Ordered on the 12/21 with estimated delivery on the 28th. However, They got lost in transit. I emailed support today on it and they already processed a replacement and will be sending it out shortly.

So, basically it takes about 7 days for them to come in, assuming they are in stock.

I ordered on the 22nd, shipping label created on the 23rd, message from Wyze on the 26th saying it was shipped - USPS status shows they haven’t received it yet. About par for previous orders from Wyze. :unamused:

I could have ordered from Amazon for about $1 more and would have it by now.

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Mine took about 3-4 days.

Think they can take a January order for about 500 million? :slight_smile:


I ordered 12/22 and it says it shipped but USPS hasn’t received it. I also ordered directly from iHealth and it’s the same.

If they were going to take 2 weeks I wish they would have let us know!


Having the same issue. Mine says label created on Dec 22 but no movement in a week. Just put a 2nd order yesterday in and that also says shipping label created but nothing further. Not sure if they got overwhelmed so quickly but some kind of update would be nice.


Ground shipping (4-7 business days) starts again on January 6th, 2022 :confetti_ball:

First thing I saw when checking the Shop to order them

I did exact same thing. Ordered on 12/22 from Wyze and iHealth direct. Same B.S…they print a label and give you tracking info to make it look like they shipped it yet not orders still awaiting departure (package not yet picked up). Other online places do this and it drives me mad. Very deceptive as they took my money on 12/22. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Just got an email from Wyze with this little bit of ‘good’ news:

We’re expecting your order to start shipping as early as January 6, 2022. We’ll keep you posted if anything else changes.

Ironically the order status is ‘Shipped’ with no way to cancel. Sad…

:angry: :unamused:


Mine says it’s in “picking and packing.” How can it be picked and packing if they don’t have any until around January 6th???

Maybe they’re getting all the orders ‘picked and packed’ before sending any of them out - that way they only have to make 1 trip to the post office. :thinking: :roll_eyes:

Same for me. Received email notification they shipped right away. Status stayed as label printed, not received by USPS. Now the note that they hope to ship in January. Of course Wyze had no trouble with taking payment. Should have gone to Amazon.

I checked Amazon and the kits won’t ship there until January 6th-9th. Everyone is out of stock on the lower priced home kits.

In 2nd week of December 2021 I wanted to order thru WYZE, but both the cost of S&H and the time (few weeks) were not to my liking.
I ordered directly from Got some discount DRMIKE10 code equal to the price of one box and the S&H was a fraction of what WYZE wanted. The kits showed in my mailbox within one week from ordering just in time for Christmas.

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This is a SPAM Email. The link is not valid, and when you actually visit the correct site, the discount code is invalid, too.

My shipping says shipped, but the USPS site says only the label was printed and they have not received the package yet. Why does Wyze lie about shipping? I can only think that their policy says once the item is marked as “shipped,” there is no way to get a refund

That’s it. ‘Shipped’ has a different meaning to Wyze than it does for everyone else.

There is nothing SPAm about the email. The code indeed expired. The autocompletion is responsible for the error in the



If the post is advertising another website and offering a discount code…expired or not… it is Spam.