Covid Tests

I just received notification that my Covid test from Wyze is actually in transit. Apparently, it’s not coming from a Seattle warehouse, but from California. It should be at my place by January 6th or 7th!

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Covid test kits on their way!

Nice. When did you order? I ordered on 12/22/2021 but no love yet. It’s been “Ready To Go” since 12/23.

I hate to say it, but I ordered my Covid tests on December 30th….

Nothing about Wyze makes any sense … I also ordered one on 12/22 and it is also showing status of "READY TO GO " … I ordered a second one on 12/23 and it was received today .
So much for 1- 3 days for shipping … shipping and order tracking is awful at Wyze .
I called Wyze CS today to inquire about my first order . CS rep stated they were told to tell callers there is a delay with shipping of the test kits . He stated they will start shipping 1/6/22 … Not holding my breath …

The additional scary part about this delay is that it is messing with people’s health during a pandemic. I ordered the tests because I could not get a test of any kind locally and I’ve been feeling a bit ill…even though I have three vaccine shots. With the delays, people could be actively infected and asymptomatic now and by the time the tests arrive, they could have spread the infection or become sicker themselves…if not worse. You don’t promise health items with a delivery date you cannot actually meet.

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As far as I know these tests are not shipped from wyze but are shipped from iHealth Labs Inc,

Looks like mine shipped yesterday, ordered on 12/22.

Same for me.

I now have an expected delivery date of January 8th , ordered on December 27th

Tracking shows mine arrives tomorrow. It was delayed en route one day because of bad weather… which makes perfect sense.

My Covid tests have been shipped and should arrive withing the 4-10 business day window stated in my confirmation email.

  1. 12/29 - Ordered my Covid-19 tests and CC was charged.
  2. 01/03 - Got e-mail w/ tracking# that my order shipped and would arrive in 4-10 business day
  3. 01/03 - 01/06 - UPS Tracking shows label was created but UPS did not get the package.
  4. 01/07 - UPS shows that they scanned the package (Ontario, California) at 12:46 am (PST).
  5. 01/07 - Estimated delivery to NJ on Thursday 1/13.

A word to the Wyze:
You are providing conflicting and confusing info about ship dates and availability. Printing a label does not constitute “Shipping” an order.
Please be upfront about supply issues - IHealth Labs has a banner on their website ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the high volume of orders we are receiving, shipping as well as the response from our customer service team may be delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience and are trying our best to ensure everyone gets their order as soon as possible. We are here for you during the challenging times, and as always we greatly appreciate your business.

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Mine arrived today! Of course, I hope they work because they were in my outdoor mailbox when I was teaching in 22 degrees outside until I came home.

I sent an email direct to IHealth Labs about the same thing , asking if the cold would affect the tests in any way , being out in the mailbox overnight and I did not receive any response from them.

Wyze partner

Mine were finally delivered this past Saturday - less than impressed with the entire shipping and order cancellation process/polities.

Still waiting for my six test kits which were ordered on 12/21/21. The order status shows that they were shipped, although there is no information on shipping, delivery dates, etc. I received the email apologizing for the delay and that orders would start shipping on 1/6/22. I have tried the support link in the email and it does not work. I’m disappointed to say the least. Wyze, this is not a shipping delay on a doorbell, camera, light, etc. This is a delay for critically important test kits and you folks have FAILED big time!

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It is the same for me. Ordered on 12/22 and they claimed that they were shipped but USPS has yet to receive item. Very frustrating.

Ordered 12/22, received today.

I ordered as well. Mine says shipped with a tracking which is not in transit. I ordered direct with ihealth after wyze and got that orders delivered already.

It simply baffles me how wyze always creates new ways to PISS OFF THEIR FANBOYS AND CUSTOMERS. Why even getting into shipping test and pissing off people, for a profit of a dollar. You lose an entire customer base.
You are talking about affecting the lives of your core customers now and the people around them. Absolutely disgusting