iHealth Covid Test Kit price?

Not sure where to post about “Wyze in response” products so I chose Lifestyle but none of the tags applied… so posting here.

Received a noticed from the app that Wyze is offering iHealth Covid tests for $13.99, which is the price shown on the web site store. Opened the app and was able to purchase for $11.98. I thought maybe this was a customer loyalty thing but I am logged into my account on both web and app. (?)

Thought someone might want to check on that ( @WyzeGwendolyn ?) just in case. Don’t want Wyze to lose their shirts and raise other product prices later to make up for it. :wink:

Update: Also there is a “Comments” tab showing on the product page on the app (iOS) but when I click on it, it crashes the app. (I’m running the latest beta.) That tab isn’t appearing on the web page version?

has anyone had any tests that are missing the fluid or any negative reviews? looking on Amazon for some and there are reports of missing the fluid.

To answer your question …if you ordered the 4 free from Covid tests.gov they’re free. I assume iHealth is overwhelmed with the 100 Millions of orders they need to send out…