Pricing: In-app versus

I was looking at ordering some new Wyze Cam v3’s tonight via the app, but then decided to check out In doing so, I noticed multiple items have different prices in the Wyze app versus on For example, in the Wyze app, the v3 is $29.99, but on the website it is $35.98. The COVID tests are 11.98 on the app, and 13.98 on the website. Anyone else notice this? Am I missing something here, or is it just a bug? I am logged into both the app and the website.


Never use the app,it’s not updated at all our price for the V3 is $33.98 when we bought them back in January it was $29.98

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I came here looking to see if anyone had asked this question. I noticed the price difference on the COVID tests. Still unsure if this is by design or a bug?

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FYI, I posted to the watercooler forum on this earlier. No response thus far.