COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kits Now Available - 11/8/21

Here’s my info … I ordered two boxes on Tue (12/28). Received an email the next day saying they had shipped and to expect delivery within 4-10 business days. Received an email yesterday (12/30) saying that due to unexpected shipping delays, they will ship “as early as Jan 6”, so not exactly sure when I’ll receive them.

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This is a problem with Wyze, they create an order that seems to also produce a shipping label so you get the notification that your purchase has shipped when all they’ve done is create an order, that’s it. They don’t even have the product to ship yet they send out a notification that it’s on its way to you. This is something that can be fixed easily yet they still do it, it’s quite annoying. I’ve learned to ignore their status notifications as they are basically nonsense and of zero validity, the item will get delivered when it’s delivered, whenever that may be.

Plus, it’s virtually certain it’s coming from China so that adds in its own ambiguity as to when you’ll get the item.