Cordless vacuum battery removal

Anybody know an easy way to remove the cordless vacuum battery? Holding down the release buttons and pulling doesn’t work no matter how hard I pull. Seems like the thing is welded in :smile:

I usually hold the handle of the vacuum with one hand and press the two blue tabs to the middle while pulling up with the other.
Make sure you’re not gripping the battery itself by mistake The battery includes the portion of the vacuum with the screen.


Seriously, it couldn’t be easier to remove the battery. Reinstalling it is another issue, trying to line up those tiny grooves is a pain.

I have exactly the opposite problem…it takes a huge effort to remove the battery but reinstalling it is easy. I suspect the quality control is not very good re the dimensions of the battery compartment or of the batteries. Friends have tried to remove my battery and had the same problem. With tools and a lot of muscle we can eventually get it out. Then the replacement slides in with no effort. :thinking:

It’s less of a quality control issue, it’s more a terrible design. Which isn’t surprising considering Wyze is pretty much a Chinese company using the Chinese business model. Quality design isn’t in the handbook.