Control Wyze with Stream Deck?

I would love to control my lighting using buttons on my Elgato Stream Deck. Has anyone attempted this? I guess first, and foremost, I would need access to scripts, macros, or api. I’m on a Mac, and I see that Stream Deck supports control of Phillips Hue bulbs. I’d appreciate any info.

I think the answers to this are “nope”, “nope”, and “nope”, respectively.

You might want to submit a wishlist item.

Not sure if you have Amazon echo devices, but I read that you can control Alexa with the elgato using a third party app. So in turn if your Wyze devices are in Alexa, you could control them with the stream deck?

Check out this thread

FYI…I have not tried anything as mentioned in the above. I may though if I can steal my daughters elgato😄.


I use Alexa with Flic Buttons to control lighting in my Main Bedroom.

Flic connects to Alexa, then I setup a routine for single or double clicks and another for hold. Works like a champ. I am sure that Stream Deck can do the same as @R.Good has indicated.


I was able to achieve this by linking my Wyze app with Alexa, and then setting up trigger scripts using Voice Monkey. It was a little tedious to setup all my bulbs, and plugs. But it works like a charm!