Elgato Stream Deck and/or Twitch Integration

Hello everyone,

As a person who enjoys streaming and is aware of the popularity of RGB lighting on streams, I believe integration with Elgato Stream Deck and/or Twitch channel points integration.

The Elgato Stream Deck is a marvelous piece of technology used by most large streamers and it has support for Philips Hue and Cololight (albeit through fan-created plugins). With Wyze being a cheaper and amazing alternative to other RGB lighting systems, then I feel there should be a quick and easy way from their main stream control panel to change their surrounding lights.

As for Twitch integration, it makes the most sense to integrate with the channel points system. This way, should a streamer set it up the way they want, they can have their lights change to the color/color pattern specified in the redeemed item.

These are both probably longshots (the second one more than the first), but they would be amazing little features to have.

This would be amazing! I just ordered some of the color bulbs and I can’t wait to use them, hopefully will be able to use them with stream deck down the line too

I’m also a streamer with a Stream Deck and would absolutely love integration with Wyze. Just ordered a 4 pack of the Wyze Color bulbs and can’t wait to play with them. Would love to be able to control them along side my nanoleafs with my Stream Deck.

I could use this integration too!

This!! Just got a couple 4 packs. Would absolutely love an official plugin to control these with Stream Deck!

It isn’t official support, but I just set up Wyze light automation from Stream Deck using this Python library

The example code shows how to list your devices and turn plugs on and off. I hard coded my email and password instead of pulling it from the environment variables.

The only tricky part was that I am on macOS and couldn’t find a way to launch a Python script directly

but it appears to work fine on Windows

c:\path\to\python.exe c:\path\to\yourfile.py

So I created an automator application to run the Python script.

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Wyze control with Elgato Stream Deck or full control in IFTTT

I can control my Philips hue lights with my elgato stream deck and I wish I could do the same with my Wyze bulbs and light strip pro. I want to put one in my basement to control lighting and smart plugs down there and right now I have to use shortcuts from my phone and if anyone else in my family wants to use the smart controls, They need access to my phone.

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