Seeking solution to 4 bulbs, 4 different fixtures - single OFF/ON physical button/switch

We have four bulbs in four different fixtures, each of which has their own power source.

Can anyone suggest a physical button/switch that could be used to turn them on/off, so that our kids can turn lights on/off without having to come to their parents to use the Wyze App?

Any suggestions?

The easiest way would be to use a smart assistant like Alexa or Google.


Welcome back to the forum @howardthaw.

One thought is the Wyze Switch, it has double triple tap and press and hold capabilities.

You could create a rule that turns all 4 lights off with a double or triple tap of the Wyze switch. Requires single pole and a neutral wire.

If you use Alexa you could group the bulbs in Alexa and the kids could use a voice command - not physical.

There is also a flic button that you could use possibly but I’ve only heard of this and not sure how they integrate with Wyze devices, assuming via google or Wyze. I know @spamoni4 uses some of these and may be able to provide some detail.


Another option way, way cheaper than Flic is the Shelly Button 1. The problem with that is they are harder to find in the USA. For Wyze bulbs, you would still need Alexa or Google I think but if someone was averse to having a smart assistant listening in their home, they could turn off the Alexa microphone and still use routines or smart devices like the Shelly. I bought one on eBay, but haven’t used it yet. Shelly products are great and no hub is required. Here’s the info on the button:
Shelly Button 1 - white - All Products - Products - Shelly


Yea, flic is pretty proud of their product for sure. Had no seen Shelly.

I have some of the original Echo buttons and they are not good. I have created routines using them and they work 60% or less of the time.

They connect BTE to an Echo device. No wonder why they no longer make them, they are just bad.