Control plug by multiple motion sensors?

@Seapup Sadly, it seems this workaround/suggestion doesn’t actually work with a camera as the trigger for some reason after all. I tried to use one of my office cams to automate my office lights. I had the following rules:

Rule Trigger: CPPro Cam detects a person,
Rule Action: Turn on Office lights

Rule 2
Rule Trigger: Office Bulb on for 6 minutes
Rule Action: Turn off Office lights

It will indeed turn on my lights, but then the lights turn off after 6 minutes no matter how many other times a person was detected during that 6 minutes. In the following screenshot, note that at 12:22 it turned on the Office Lights because CPPro detected a person, but then it also ran again at 12:24, 12:25, 12:27, so that should’ve reset the 6 minute timer and made it so the light should’ve stayed on till at least 12:33 since the “turn light on” triggered all over again at 12:27:


But the rule didn’t work that way :frowning: It shut the light off 6 minutes after the first time it was turned on, not the most recent time no matter how many other times that timer should’ve been reset.

Really sad, I was so excited for this camera workaround…but I guess we’re back to asking Wyze to please allow us to group multiple motion sensors again to do a “all sensors in group have cleared for x amount of time” triggers).

I didn’t test with 2 sensors yet, but I can’t imagine why sensors would be treated differently than a camera as the trigger. I don’t understand why it would be working differently for you than for me. Any idea why it would shut off after 6 minutes no matter what for me, but for you it will reset the timer anytime a sensor senses you again? The rule engine shouldn’t care about iOS vs Android since the rules are run on the phone. Just a little confused.

If it’s always shutting off based on the first trigger, then the suggestion to do it this way wouldn’t work as a solution for the OP either…am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else tested this out? I’d really love a full room or hallway lighting automation solution.

EDIT: Just checked using a sensor --had the same issue, even though the sensor had triggered to turn on the bulb less than 6 minutes ago, it still shut off after the first trigger 6 minutes prior. It doesn’t reset with a sensor either. :frowning: How are you getting this to work?

Test with the new rule setting for the bulb. When the camera sees motion turn the bulb on for 6 minutes.

One rule to turn on the bulb and then off for 6 minutes.

Just an FYI, my initial test failed. But it is supposed to work.

Your use case is out of scope. Copy my triggers, test to OP’s use case. Then change one parameter at a time.