Two motion sensors in same area

I have a sensor when I walk in bathroom and also a sensor in the shower to turn on exhaust fan when taking a shower. But when the walk in sensor becomes clear, it turns out the lights while I’m in the shower. I want the exhaust to stay on when I’m in the shower and keep the lights on at the same time. This first sensor controls the lights and the second controls the lights and exhaust fan. Hopefully it makes sense. I have smart light switches and Alexa controlling it all. Thoughts anyone. Please help…

From what I have seen there is not a way to do this in the Wyze app or Alexa app. I will look into this.

I have a similar Alexa routine …
In the Alexa app you need to make a routine for the light,
you must Integrate Wyze account with our Alexa account.

Example Routine:
If light is triggered , turns on shower fan.
Time routine runs.
Action Wyze light name power on.
The approximate wait time that you take to shower.
Action Wyze light name power off.

Hope that helps…

Yes, anything you can find or figure out would be greatly appreciated.

Someone else mentioned putting them in groups, but that did not work for me.

I have wyze motion sensors, and smart light switches. I am not using wyze light bulbs.

gku2, thanks so much for your feedback so quickly. Are you using wyze light bulbs?

I’m only using wyze motion sensors and another brand light switches.

I will try the rountine you mentioned. When you mention when light is triggered, do you mean motion sensor?

What is happening, the shower sensor is turning on fan and lights, but when bathroom motion sensor clears / time out, it turns off light switches.

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This works with other non-Wyze products. I could not find a way to do this with only Wyze products.

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I’m using generic Alexa Smat Pugs and wall light switches …connected to lights.
Seems to be more versatile for me…

But, I have a Alexa routine that has a Wyze contact sensor when open (patio sliding door) it turns on the smart plug that’s connected to a light…turns off in 15 minutes …and it works !

I would think that if the Wyze devices are visible in the Alexa app you should be able?

I didn’t connect/tried my Wyze bulbs yet …

The Wyze sensors do show up in the Alexa app and you can use them in routines. What you can’t do is setup a routine so that if a Wyze bulb turns on then another Wyze bulb turns on. In other words you can’t use a wyze bulb as a trigger.

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Also, wouldn’t you think when the first sensor times out the shower sensor would turn them back on? It doesn’t. You must make motion in front of the first sensor again for the lights to come back on. Why wouldn’t movement in front of the shower sensor turn them on?