Wyze motion sensors won't play together

I have two Wyze motion sensors, one in each of two bathrooms. Their purpose is to turn on a Wyze smart plug which activates a hot water recirculating pump located in the garage. When you enter either bathroom, the sensor works fine (Motion detected) to turn on the pump. The problem is when both sensors are triggered at roughly the same time. The first sensor will “Clear” and turn off the smart plug/pump prematurely. Even though the second one is still detecting motion and needing the smart plug to be ON. Is there any way to have the Motion Sensor continue to send out the “Motion” detected signal at some interval while it detects movement?

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I have a similar issue with dueling sensors in a large area to control lights. In the Rules, using Device Trigger, there are Settings for when the device Detects, , Becomes Clear, and Has Detected Motion and Has Been Clear for a period of time.
If this combo won’t work for you, and I can see why it wouldn’t, I think it’s a good idea. I would suggest adding it to the Wishlist, and don’t forget to vote for it-adding does not automatically placea vote!