Hub & motion sensor

I have a whole house hot water recirculating system that provides instant hot water at all faucets. It is run by a low pressure, low volume, low wattage circulating pump. Currently I have the pump controlled by a TanTan smart plug and iOs app. I run it from 5 am to 10 pm continuously. I would like to add some motion detectors throughout the house that would control the smart plugs so it doesn’t run continuously.

Would the Wyze products be able to help me? I assume I would need at least the hub & motion sensors. With luck the TanTan plug is compatible.

Any thoughts?

Wyze will only control Wyze. In order for you to use a Wyze motion sensor, you would need to purchase the sensor and the Wyze hub to run it, then use Alexa or Google Home to create the rule\routine to use the Wyze sensor as a trigger and the TanTan as an action.

If you bought a Wyze plug, then the Wyze app could do it.

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Where can I buy the hub? It doesn’t appear in the Wyze iOS app product line. The motion sensors are but no hub.

That is a great question. Another example of Wyze’s seamlessly integrated sales platforms!

So it is also not on the Android shop tab either.

I did find it on their website…

BUT… It looks like they are not selling it individually without the monitoring.

You might want to call them. If you already have monitoring you don’t want to sign up again. If not, you could probably buy it with the 1 month add on and the immediately cancel the monitoring before activating it.

Alternatively, it looks like Home Depot has the bundle with 6 months of monitoring for $99

I found this on eBay. Would this do the trick? Do I have to pay for the monitoring service in order to make the hub functional?

Welcome to the forum @donl1150

You do not. The Wyze Sense Hub is now a stand alone utility for home automation without Noonlight monitoring. You will still receive the keypad with the Sense kit.

But it looks like the Started Kit is Sold Out at the moment.

But I would caution purchasing from eBay in the event of an issue and possible need of warranty replacement. In my experience Wyze Support has always asked for an Order number from their Store or Authorized Retailer.

Also keep in mind there are many Routines and Actions you can use with Wyze and Alexa/Google integrations.


I agree w\ @R.Good. I would be cautious about purchasing used equipment.

There have been recent firmware updates that have caused some hubs to brick and others to malfunction while others operate fine. There is probably a reason it is on ebay. I am not certain there is a factory firmware reversion reset for the hub and there is no way to manually flash it, so the hub you are looking at may have bad firmware on it.

See the articles below about using the hub without the monitoring.

@R.Good: couldn’t find listing to purchase hub w\o monitoring. U have any leads?


I believe it is because the Starter Kit is Sold Out on the Wyze Shop site.

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Maybe I am overthinking this thing. The recirc pump is in the garage, controlled by a TanTan plug. It is set to run 5 am to 10 pm. I want the motion sensors to be in two places in the house. When they sense motion, I want that to trigger the TanTan on and stay on for 30 minutes.

I think the Wyze is too much tech for my needs. Perhaps some other kind of hub to connect the sensors to the plug. I have two Echo Dots that are not being used. Can I somehow use them to accomplish what I want? ( I know this might not be the correct forum for such a question but there is a lot of smart people here that maybe someone can steer me in the right direction.)


Then you already have what you need.

My dots are “people” sensors. They can listen for people and when people are there it can be used as a trigger to execute a routine to activate the TanTan plugs. You will have to link the TanTan skill in Alexa. You can set it to trigger on when people are present and another to trigger off when not present.


In the past, the Home Hub and sensors starter pack (without monitoring) was available through the App. However, It does not appear to be there anymore. you could reach out to Wyze as @SlabSlayer and ask about the starter kit without home monitoring.

Thanks. I will have to give this a try!