continuous motion detection without schedule

Hello All,

Is there a way to make the cameras to stay on continuously and use motion detection. I currently have them on a schedule record mode, but will be going away for a few days and want to have them on 24 hours. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

If you are referring to the Alert Schedule, then just set the end time to the same as the start time. It will say “Next Day (time)”. When you return to the camera settings overview screen, it will say “All Day”.

You can use the continuous record function. You will need to add a micro SD card though. I’ve tried it and it works really well. I’ve attached a photo and circled the function. You will not see this if you do not have an SD card installed


If your camera has a micro SD card installed, you can set the cameras to record continuous OR only when they detect motion. Those are your only two options. I have all of mine recording to micro SD cards and set to motion detection. Wyze says they only support up to a 32GB card, but I have a 64GB card in all of mine and they work perfectly. I’ve switched to SD recording because it looks almost as good as HD quality. With the 64GB card, recording in SD quality and motion detection, I can get almost two weeks of video playback. That’s sufficient for me and I’d guess is sufficient for most people.

tbevers, I have a 64gb in mine also. High Five

Thank you all for the tips and help