Continuous recording not continuous

I set my V2 camera outside to get a video of my next door neighbors house get bulldozed. When I looked at the playback there were many one to two minute gaps in the “continuous” video with the message “No video at the selected time”. When I researched this on this forum it appears that if you have motion detection set on with alerts you get gaps in your continuous video.

Please tell me this is not true as this makes this camera useless as a security device since key video is missing on the continuous recording.

Someone said to fix this turn off the motion detection and leave on continuous. This is fine till someone steals the camera.

Continuous video should be continuous regardless of what other settings are set on the camera.



The settings are irrelevant If someone steals it, because All continuous recording is done on the SD card, inside the camera

I don’t see a big deal, turn off the motion detection and set on continuous and be sure you have it set to all day.

Practice whatever you want to do before you do it .

I do not get gaps in the continuous recording at the times that there are alerts. In fact I regularly pull up the recording at the time of an alert just so I can see events before and after the alert.


Maybe the SD card it’s self , is causing it , you need a good quality SD card

My SD card is a SanDisk. Here is a sample of what I am getting. The white spaces in the timeline is missing video.


Oops wrong image. Here is the correct one.

Hey there!

I have a couple of questions for you:

  1. If possible could you plug the SD card into a computer and see if the data is missing from the card as well? This will help decide if this is an app error or camera error.
  2. Could you confirm you are using Continuous Recording, and not 'Record events only'? This can be found in Camera Setting -> Advanced Settings -> Local storage.
  3. Has your SD card been used in anything before the Wyze Cam or was it brand new?
  4. Lastly, could you tell me the model of SD card you are using from Sandisk? While I do not strongly expect this to be the issue, if the transfer rate is to slow on the card it can cause data to be cleared from the buffer and not saved if it is having trouble keeping up.
  1. When I put the SD card into my computer it is also missing video. Attached goes from 12:09:50 to 12:11:10AM in a second. With a loss of over a minute.
  2. I am using "continuous recording"
  3. I purchases the SanDisk SD card new for the Wyse cam.
  4. I think the serial number model number is 4256DMX7805U. Its really hard to read on the card. Is a SDXC UHS-1 class 10 card.

Um having this same issue as well, I noticed little snippets randomly not recording, then yesterday I came home, checked the continuous recording and it was there minus one or two small pieces, then someone came to my house, I later went on to retrieve a piece of video from when the person was here and all the history was gone, and it looked as though it had just been set up and starting recording, I have the pan & scan, and I’m using the wyze sd card I purchased with the camera and formated with the camera, also the motion tracking is completely useless, someone walks by and it just spins and aims at the wall behind it and sits there, this seems to be becoming more a cute little gadget then anything that can be used for security

Is the continuous recording only lasting for about 30 hours, even though my memory card is not even one tenth full?

Do you have a bridge installed in this camera? I’ve noticed slowness on the camera w/bridge compared with other.

No, I don’t. But all Recordings beyond day and a half were vanished.