Getting 12 second clips but nothing there in View Playback

A few nights ago someone broke into my neighbors house. One of my Wyzecams captured the car stopping in front of his house in the 12 second clip, but when I went to View Playback, there was nothing there.

The police are interested in seeing the full event. What happened to it? I had the Wyzecam v2 set to record just events. Since then I switched to “continuous” recording and the video is all there from the point that I made the switch.

A) What happened to rest of the event?
B) I’m afraid that constantly recording 24/7 is going to wear out the SD card sooner.

To my knowledge, “continuous recording” is the only way to capture all of the footage, and it is the best choice. Without it, all you get is the 12 sec clips stored on the cloud. I have “continuous recording” turned on on all my cameras. That way you get 24/7 video recordings.

I would go back and try to look for the same time frame again sometimes it takes a little bit for it to load up

It may appear the video is not there in playback when recording events only, but it probably was there. When recording events only you get a 1-minute recording for every motion detected. So there was probably a recording for the minute that the car approached, and another 1-minute recording when the car left.

The problem is when you are viewing the timeline a 1-minute recording isn’t big enough to show a marker. You would need to expand the timeline after going to the time of the 12-second clip to see it. Once you start viewing the first event-only recording, playback will automatically jump to the next event.

The bigger problem at the moment is it has been days since the event, so if you are in HD mode continuous recording may have already recorded over the incident.

I have all my cams in continuous recording mode, and that has saved me many times. I highly recommend it. My oldest cameras are over a year old (15 months) and I haven’t had to replace an SD card yet. Even if I had to replace an SD card once a year I would consider the $10 well worth it to have the 24/7 coverage.


Thank you. That one camera was the only one I had that problem with. I was able to go back and view all recorded events with the others. Now all of my Wyzecams are on “continous” so I should be okay from this point forward.

Thanks for the suggestion.