Contacting a person at Wyze

Why is it so hard to actually talk to a real person at wyze??? Ive even emailed several times but no response!!! Is there another camera company that responds to their customers??? I spend 500 a year to these losers for nothing!!!

MOD NOTE: Title changed to reflect original post. Original title: “The new software coming this month will make millions of cameras obsolete”.

Have you tried calling?


Can you elaborate on what new software coming out this month is making all the cameras obsolete? I’m not sure I’ve heard of this yet.

I’m also a little confused as to what we are talking about:

  • The title is about cameras [edit: this has since been updated]
  • The tag used is about the keypad for the lock (not cameras, and not the lock) [edit: this has since been updated]
  • The original post is about getting hold of support
  • What is costing $500/yr? Just in buying lots of the products, or the subscriptions?

What is not working right? I’d be happy to try to help if we could get some further details about the type of help needed.




My very thought… I wannabe included in the revolutionary software as well! :grin:

Almost sounds like this post describes commercial use… Not really a Wyze target market at this juncture. :thinking: