Contact sensor stopped sending event notifications to phone

My contact sensor stopped sending Opens/Closes notifications to my phone. I installed the sensor about a week ago and it has been sending notifications without any problems but they stopped today. Its status however is getting updated in the Wyze app just fine. Also the light on the Bridge is solid blue. Only change I made was enable a new notification (to send one when sensor is Open for 30 mins) but disabling that did not resolve the problem.

Any thoughts?

Hello @subbuk514 There currently is a known issue with the new app. I can’t say for sure if this the cause of sensor problem that you are having, but it may be related to issues in the new app release.

I’m on the old app (2.4.**) and also haven’t had any sensor notifications for a few days

I’m using Android and the last 2 or 3 app releases have been a little on the buggy :ant: bug side. I think the devs will eventually get it smoothed out. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am using latest iOS app V2.5.45

Hello @StopICU33 - Until you figure out a solution, is there anything I can try in the meantime? Like unlinking the sensor from bridge and linking it back or something else.

This might seem obvious but did you check the sensor’s settings and make sure notifications are stilled turned on for it? Also look at the home screen and make sure the bell icon at the top right doesn’t have a line through it. Tapping the icon toggles notifications.

I checked this on mine

Mine I think kinda fixed itself yesterday, had 26 notifications come through, since then I get the notifications about 5-15 minutes after the event, used to be 1-20 seconds but at least it’s working

I’m sorry but I have seen the holiday excuse used multiple times. As a newer company that is continuing to roll out new products. Wyze will lose public trust very quickly. A new company that is trying to make a name in this highly competitive space. The last think a “loyal” customer wants to hear is we will get to the issues after the “holiday”. That is a bad way to build rep-or for loyalty. Hopefully the owners know this is going on. We have seen so many companies go from booming to bust overnight. I have had so many issues with all my wyze devices. That it may be time to move to something more reliable.

@subbuk514 If you can provide some screenshots of your settings, we may be able to narrow down the problem quicker for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had to reset some of my settings in the new “rules” because I noticed they were turned off after the new app release.

@Eisen Welcome to the community. I understand what you are saying. However, I am a user like yourself and a loyal customer too. The Wyze Team have been working diligently on the problems even before the Holiday. Furthermore, every use case is different. Therefore, if the Wyze products don’t work for your current situation, there are many other options available. Me personally, I choose to be patient and wait for Wyze to resolve the issues. I have a lot of confidence in the Wyze Team because they have resolved many problems in the past.

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Resetting notifications including tapping on bell notifications icon to make sure it doesn’t have line across did help me today. I am getting notifications today. I am not very certain if new app release is turning off notifications (line across the bell icon).

Thanks for all ur input on this issue @StopICU33. I am good for now.


You’re welcome, happy to hear. :slightly_smiling_face:

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