Android Update 2.5.30 Released!

Alright, once more with FEELING!

Sorry, folks. People using Android devices may see another update. 2.5.30 fixes a problem with the other update that caused log generation problems when reporting an issue. We apologize for the multiple updates this week.


None of these little fixes matter until you address the major issue that rendered Wyze almost useless for many of us a few days ago: major lag (30-40 seconds with live stream), which until now could be remedied by turning on hardware acceleration, but now that you removed this setting, we’re stuck with a bunch of cameras that can not reliably live stream.


This will not be as quick of a fix as these were and we apologize. The team is looking into solutions and we are not ignoring this problem.


You are not going to get a response from Wyze. Their app developers have gone rogue and have taken the company and your cameras in a direction they see fit. The only way I see that we will get action is by going to the Google play store and start flooding the reviews section with 1 star.

Hop on to Amazon and do the same.

Maybe the execs at Wyze will get the hint and remove the app team. Never seen such a shoddy rollout


This is mainly a user to user forum, the employees do not look at every post, couple that with the holiday weekend and you are right you may not hear much right now, but @WyzeGwendolyn is a WYZE employee and they gave a response a few hours ago. Even on a holiday weekend. As they said they are aware of the issue and are taking it seriously.


The problem is that these are not some trinkets that are someone’s lab. These are cameras that people use to attempt to secure their home. These cameras for the most part have been rendered inoperable.

Mine for example is just flooding snapshots all day long just chewing thru disk space and probably no doubt now chewing thru Comcast’s metered bandwidth soon i probably will be throttled. It used to auto on/auto off now it’s just stuck on. I’ve rebuilt everything to see if that works but I have no clue what the heck is going on now.

Not sure how an app team can bring security cameras around the country down to it’s knees and then just go on holiday like “oh well”


They are smart cameras, not security cameras, however I do understand that some try to use them as security. I use them for that purpose also, I however do understand they aren’t meant for that and there are bound to be limitations.
I also have Comcast and have limited bandwidth, I do not know how much you have but I know I do not come close to it with 6 cameras (2 see the road and flag at passing cars all day) and 3 people streaming Netflix at any given time.
If you would like to explain the exact issue you are having I can try to help if you would like, I do not know if it will do any good but I am willing to give it a shot.


Though it is the holiday weekend, I am continuing to share this feedback with the team. We apologize for the negative experience that you have had and we are looking for solutions.


You continually see a response from Wyze, as above. This is a holiday weekend, they are evaluating what to do.


I have a support ticket ( Wyze Ticket 317589) and running Wyze App v 2.5.30. All the cameras have been updated with the new firmware.
The issue is I used to be able to use the HD setting on my 4 cameras, but now that no longer works - along with the SD setting. The connections would show offline / and the streaming video would hang up on 3/3 and never give a picture. Re-booted cameras, router but nothing changed. That said, they work fine with in 360 resolution.
Don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this issue, but would really like to use the HD resolution on my cameras.

Hello and welcome to the community @101pathfinder, WYZE does know of issues with this app version and are working on getting them sorted out. You aren’t the only one, but you did the right thing with submitting a support ticket.


Thanks Jason!!!

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Any news on the updated firmware to get rid of the deplorable lag?

This is one of the last responses from WYZE, also with a link for an old version of the app if you want to roll back until it is fixed


Thank you!!! Back to normal.

I am glad it helped and hopefully soon they will have it fixed

That’s fine for those that can sideload apps. The rest of us are stuck with the experiment. :slight_smile:

Fairly easy on an Android, just download and open the file, it will give you a warning it’s from an untrusted source (not play store) and you will have to change that setting but you can change it right back

It’s not the ability that I’m lacking it’s the permissions.
My phone belongs to my employer. I am allowed to install anything I like from the store but can’t sideload.