Why was Android hardware decoding removed?

The lag makes the camera almost useless to me. If it’s not fixed I won’t be buying any more Wyze Cams or recommending them to anyone.

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Could I ask what device and Android version you have?

Same for me, lag in video, slow motion video during playback. Please bring back Hardware Decoder option.


It’s a cam v2. Firmware version For Android version, do you mean the app? It’s the latest app version available, 2.5.30.

Hey stow (sorry Jason for butting in.)

Android Settings → About Tablet/Phone/Device (usually at bottom of list) → Model Number | Android Version

Here’s what I’m running, FWIW: Android v. 6,0.1

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2.5.29 and 2.5.30 quickly corrected a couple of flaws. This one is a bit thornier, apparently:

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The tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Android version 7.0.

I was asking so I can gather a pattern. I am running it on 3 devices an s10 with android 9 an s9 with android 9 and a pixel tab with android 6, the tablet is the only one with issues of mine

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I’m running Android 5.1.1 on a Galaxy J3 (2016). Before the update to the app, there was no lag at all. Don’t tell me I that I need to buy a new phone. I will return the cameras before I do that. I have two new cameras that I just bought still in the boxes unopened. If this issue isn’t resolved, I will be returning them. The app was already unstable before. It is even worse now. Before, I was able to view say 4 different cameras before the app would start having problems or crash. Now, I can view one. If I try a second, it cannot connect properly. If I exit the app and go back into it, then, it works. I think Wyze should focus on the stability of the app. New features are great, but, the app needs to be reliable.


I am not going to tell you that you need a new phone as I don’t know what the underlying issue is, I do know they are working to figure this out and are taking it very seriously.

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Sorry, I didn’t mean you. More like Wyze. It’s the way a lot of these companies operate. They expect you to constantly buy new hardware. When in fact, there is no need for it, as has already been established in this case with the fact that the phone worked perfectly, with no lag before the latest upgrade to the Wyze app.

Since the last Wyze App update I have noticed that I do not have any lag on my Samsung S8 running Android version 9 however, my Samsung phones and tablets running OS lower than Android version 9 have a 30 second lag on live viewing and it is very choppy almost like having a very weak wifi connection. In my case, the lag certainly is associated with the version of Android my devices are using. Wyze techs need to fix the software conflict issues sooner rather than later.


I didn’t understand why I was seeing a 25 second (or so) delay from my camera. Now I suspect it has something to do with the library change. Feedback to you is that the delay is too significant. If there are workarounds, please communicate them.

Upgraded from Oreo to Pie on my Galaxy S8 then wiped and factory resetted it. Installed the latest beta and the live stream would stutter and lag like 10-15 seconds behind. Reverted to the previous version Wyze - Make Your Home Smarter 2.4.82 APK Download by Wyze Labs Inc. - APKMirror, toggled the hardware decoder setting and now it’s back to real time. I don’t think it’s an OS issue.

You are right, Wyze said they changed libraries and lost the ability to put that switch in the app. It’s a holiday weekend, but they should be back to work tomorrow. They said they will consider their options (see response 18, above).

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I too am experiencing delays. This is certainly a safety issue as I can no longer judge where individuals are or how long it will take them to reach a specific location. I hope Wyze fixes this issue soon.

I’m so glad I found this topic. I’m having a different issue, and now I know why. I can only view one camera during each session on the app.

Open App, view camera, close app, open app, view another camera.

If I try to view a second camera’s live feed, it never loads, or the app crashes.

I’ve been emailing back and forth. I know it is not my hardware, not my phone, not my home router. Nothing has changed on my end.

I have the exact same problem. Can only view a single camera at a time. I had similar problems previously, but, the problem might happen after viewing about 4 or 5 cameras. Now, it screws up after one Also, the 1/2/3 steps it does when connecting seem to have more of a problem than it did before. Wyze, please focus on app stability. You need a working app more than you need person detection, or some other AI that you will undoubtedly put in a database.

Any word on if Wyze is going to add hardware decoding back? As you can see there are multiple people that have been adversely affected. For practical purposes, the new updated has rendered the system unstable and unusable.

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@jemiller Sorry to hear about the problems you’re experiencing. I understand because I’m a user like yourself and it has affected my older devices too. The team at Wyze is fully aware of the problems with removing the hardware decoding, and no doubt, this issue is in discussion this very moment. As soon as Wyze comes up with a solution, everyone will be notified immediately with their decision. Until then, they are asking everyone to please be patient because as WyzeGwendolyn as already mentioned they’re not ignoring the problem. :slightly_smiling_face: