hardware decoder

On the menu on the ap there is an option to turn on “hardware decoder”. What is that and if on what does it do?


I really like this little camera.



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Tips on Tuesday #17 03/20/2018: Hardware Decoding


The point of a forum is to discuss in words no? Otherwise we would be on YouTube. I also would like a description of this function


I agree. If you are gonna post a video explanation you should at least synopsize it.
So since this thread showed up in a Google search for this question… here it is.
It’s an option for Android users to use hardware to decode the video instead of software. If you have a good gpu in the Android device might perform a little better.


Hardware decoding means the GPU in your camera decodes the video so the CPU in you phone doesnt have to. So pretty much if your phone is struggling and lagging try the hardware decoding and see if that works better for you


I remember watching this and giving a TL:DW in the comments before.

"hardware decoding-off (software decoding) this is the default uses phone cpu. If your phone has poor cooling it may get too hot. If your phone isn’t powerful enough it may cause laggy playback. If you have either of those turn hardware decoding on
hardware decoding-on uses phone gpu and cpu. Can cause compression artifacts (bad quality) and uses more battery

TL:DR if your phone overheats or playback is laggy turn hardware decoding on"

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Add my exoerience.
Enabled decider will
fixed picture resolution 600x337, not 1080p
Network connection issue. reconnect failure.
bit rate is much higher like over 100 if enabled compared to off is only 30 to 40kb/s