Can you name an alternate brand of camera that has better playback

I have cam pan, v2, and V3 cameras. Whenever a V3 playback needs to be reviewed due to some serious event it’s a major freaking hassle. It can take an hour or two locate and copy 2 minutes worth of previously recorded video. It’s pretty ridiculous. Today one of my cameras captured a domestic abuse situation on the street. Adjusting the timeline is ridiculously hinky and the cameras slower than snot to respond.

Can anyone recommend a brand that has really nice playback?

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My V2s are fast, but my V3 is basically instantaneous. How old a phone are you using? If Android, is hardware decoding turned on?


Do you know that you can pinch out on the time line then adjust time on playback to within a few seconds?


Thanks, enabling hardware decoding under Wyze account options in the app seems to solve the issue on a 3 year old Motorola phone with Android 9. I’ve noticed that option in the past and wondered about it but never took the time to Google it. Reviewing Playback now works quite well, thanks.


Wyze when you use the features.


So “hardware decoding” is back?

I’m researching this issue and it sound like “hardware decoding” was removed at some point.

Also, I’m on v 2.25.xx of the app yet when I check for updates I am told that the app was updated in Oct. 2021.

Simply labeling the option as hardware decoding and offering no advice in the app regarding what the heck it means or does appears to me to be an oversight on the part of Wyze. Giving a non-intuitive hardware decoding option I just never knew I should enable it.

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