Unable to view playback on android

Since last firmware update unable to view playback, Moving time bar has no effect or it skips and lags to the point of being usable. I’m using a Moto Z play. When is the hardware decoding going to be an option again? I have no trouble opening 1080P videos on my phone. I don’t consider it a relic.
As it is now if it not captured in an event I’m SOL.

Some people have solved those problems by going to the new beta app see this thread


Yes, you may be affected by the loss of Android hardware acceleration. If so, you have 3 options (including the one above):

Downgrade to V2.4.82, the last version that had hardware acceleration, or, join the Beta group to test the possible fix that’s in there now, or, wait until the Beta app becomes the production version.

If you want to downgrade now, here is the process. If you want to join Beta, that is above:

  • Uninstall your current app before installing the older one.

  • Enable the hardware video decoding option after installation.

  • Turn off automatic app updates to prevent upgrades to the app.

You can find V2.4.82 here: