Contact sensor LED status guide / No MAC address

I bought a Wyze Starter kit and successfully installed it on a virtual machine (VirtualBox) on a Linux host. Virtual macine runs Home Assistant:

  • Bridge is installed and LED blue

  • Motion sensor is installed

  • Contact sensor 1 is installed

  • Contact sensor 2 doesn’t show a MAC address in Home Assistant and the LED blinks 3 times every 10 seconds. However the sensor actually responds to open/close events. The ID in Home Assistant shows as ‘binary_sensor.wyzesense’. So it looks like this sensor is in some kind of ‘interim’ state.

How can I reset this sensor>
Are the LED status documented anywhere? What does it mean for the LED to blink 3 times every 10 sec?

“LED to blink 3 times every 10 sec”
Contact sensor needs a battery change…change it quick they been know to brick if left too long and go completely dead.
Battery change should blink just once a pond insertion and it’s good to go …no need to re-setup.

Sensor MAC can be found in the wyze app in the sensor/settings/device info.

Also if you have the sensor already stuck on a surface, leave it on and just pop off the body case.
Replace the battery and snap it back on the mounting back plate.

hmm. looking at the properties it reports battery level at 87. That shouldn’t be low, right?

Is there a way to reset the device without starting a pair action?

Changed the battery and the blinks went away. However this really raises the question how accurate the reading is. When I changed it Home Assistant showed a battery level of 87 which obviously must be wrong

So far I haven’t found way way to reset a sensor …i just delete it in the app setting and pair it back up…but only if I must.

The battery level is an ongoing issue within the Wyze app…it did notify me only once that a battery needed changing.
The level indicator in the app is very iffy …

The best way for me so far is when the sensor blinks 3 times ever 10 seconds or so I change it right away !!!

Ok so it must be the sensor itself as I found the same issue using Home Assistant; i.e. I don’t use the Wyze app but add these sensors to my home automation system. txs again for the input

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Wyze is bricking those old sensors by zeroing the MAC to force people to go to new sensors. I had 3 sensors with new battery, And all 3 now do not connect with base.

Yup… down to 0 spare sensors. And since they are out of warranty and no more inventory to purchase we are out of luck. I would hope when the v2.0 sensors show up, they fix the issue of the Mac Address being stored in volatile memory. Sometimes you truly get what you pay for.
Just got off chat with Wyze support where I got all the good news.