Contact sensor dead on arrival

I bought a start kit with a camera, motion sensor and two contact sensors. One contact sensor works but I can’t activate the second one. When I insert the little tool the red lights never flash and nothing seems to happen, I guess the battery is probably dead? I’m looking for a replacement battery but I may have to get one in the next couple of days.

I had one a while back that was DOA and Wyze replaced it right away. I checked the battery by swapping it with the one in the good sensor and had the same problem as you, no lights at all. I would check the battery and open a support ticket.

Thanks. I’m in Canada so I don’t think Wyze will offer a replacement.

If/when you try a known good battery, double check the battery contacts. There have been reports that the contacts were not properly making connection with the battery.

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Of course, I forgot to check the contacts. Thanks!

This happened to me, the contacts were actually loose. When I bent them a bit the sensor worked perfectly from then until now.

I’ve got about 15 sensors, and 2 of them arrived with dead batteries. They’d probably send you replacement batteries if you complained, but I just went ahead and bought a 10-pack of the batteries on Amazon. I figure I’ll need them in the future anyway.

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