Contact Senor Options in Canada


I had approximately 16 of the wyze sense version 1 contact sensors integrated in my system until about 1/2 a year ago when they each started malfunctioning 1 by 1 over time. Now I have none (yes I know about the battery replacement timing, no need to problem-solve why they malfunctioned).

Wyze was helpful in offering some credit but none could be fixed with tech support.

However I am in dire need of contact sensors…my brother has a cognitive disorder and we prefer to use the sensors over locks to help keep him safe without being overly restrictive.

The problem is I’m in Canada where version 2 is not available.

  1. If I bought a sense hub and v2 sensors from the US could it be used just to provide notifications for open doors/drawers and trigger wyze bulbs and cams without the monitoring service? Or do I need a US address to even set up the hub?

  2. Are there contact sensors from other companies that I could use for the same purpose via IFTTT? (I.e X senor being open triggers wyze bulb)

  3. Any other suggestions are welcome/appreciated.

The Hub can work independent of the service. A number of individuals have purchased the service for a few months and got then cancelled. I have HMS but have left it in Test Mode and not fully activated it.

Another Community Member @R.Good has one of the Hubs running as you would like it. A simple Hub. He has another with HMS on it.

I am sure there are. However, in order to trigger Wyze components, you would need to make sure Wyze can be part of the environment. For Example: I use Alexa with the Wyze Skill and other non Wyze Devices. I purchased Flic as I liked the button. I now can click the button (non Wyze) and turn on the Wyze Bulbs. All of this is handled via Alexa.

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IFTTT is an additional option, though it would probably require a subscription due to limitations on the free version. I also use sensors from YoLink.

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True, I used to use/play with IFTTT and Wyze. I have since stopped. I use Alexa and Wyze or I use HA with Joshuas plugin for Wyze. However, the HA option does not take into account Contact and Motion Sensors anymore.

I am using a combination of many apps to try to get things done. I have Wyze, YoLink, Kasa, Alexa and IFTTT to try to get all my “dreams” to work.

I do the same, but have knocked it down to HA, Alexa, and Wyze. HA is a bit crippled since we cannot use motion and contact sensors from Wyze. But I will eventually work that out.

Excellent…but, do you know if I have to even have a temporary subscription to start the hub working…I’m concerned that if I don’t a US address and phone number I won’t even be able to get the thing registered in the app

Newest Beta version of the Wyze App released for Beta Testing includes support for HMS in Canada!