Constant update alert

Every time I view one of my cameras from my phone app I get an alert to update the base station. I have done that several times a day and the alert keeps coming back.

The alert is telling you to update the firmware on the base. You are not doing that several times a day are You :open_mouth: What version of firmware is on the base now?

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Base is running It shows that a new firmware update is available, but it never updates.

You can do it manually like this. You need a clean SD card. Only takes a few min. and make sure you follow the directions>

I would recommend against updating to Many people including myself have experienced loss of communication with the Base station using this firmware. Wait for a higher version.

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Are you trying the bulk update download? None of my 4 outdoor cams or base stations have completed an update via bulk download - they timeout every time. I update each of them one at a time and I don’t let my phone screen timeout until the update is complete.

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