Connection Base to Modem versus Router

I have a eero router system so there is no multiple cable ports for another device, Could I plug the base directly into my Cox modem. This is my first try at this

Your modem is likely in bridge mode so this probably won’t work.

Other options include getting a cheap switch or waiting for a firmware update that may allow the base to connect via WiFi.

Any recommendations for the switch

I’d recommend trying beta firmware :grimacing:

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Doesn’t the Eero have 2 ports? I was thinking of getting a mesh system.

One port modem to eeero. One port to Ethernet. So no extra ports. The system has done wonders for my WiFi

The main one has ethernet and modem taking up the ports. The satellites have ports. I think I’ll see if they might work.

I was considering Eero 6 and that one shows 2 ports so I figure I’ll use the one for my modem and the other for my wyze base. Not even sure what I’m going to get yet though. Was considering a meshforce m3 setup as well.

FYI - I called Eero and they told me plugging i nthe base to one of their remote pods would probably word. It did work and my outside camera is up and running. I’d like to post this to the forum but I can’t see the option to add a new comment. Any idea? I’m am older guy and the tech field is outpacing me. I was the IT guru in my day with my first computer a PCjR