Connected bulbs lose connection, will not reconnect

I have a few bulbs that have quit working on the network at home, while others remain stable. I have color and the original bulbs that have lost connection to the app. I had a new, unused color bulb that was attempted, and it too failed.

I remove the bulbs from the app, go through the connection process and the connection fails. I have tried this with two different phones, one on iOS15, the other on iOS 15.1 Beta 3.

The phones are connected to the 2G network with good signal, the modem and router have both been rebooted. The cameras and other bulbs on the network are fine.

Is there an issue with connecting/reconnecting bulbs to the app?

( I was able to add remove and add a CamPan to the network, without issue at the same time. I did this to check the iOS15.1 Beta/App/Network.)

This is going to seem like an odd question but how many devices total do you have connected to your router and what type of router is it?

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Simple thing to try as the bulbs occasionally show not connected. Remove the bulb from the lamp, or unplug or turn off the power (depending where you are using them), after about 10 seconds plug it back in and wait for a bit. it should reconnect again.

If I do nothing and wait long enough, the bulbs will work again. However, removing power and then plugging them back it seems to allow it to cycle and connect to your WiFi again.

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Archer AX50, 18 Wifi items, 8 of which are Wyze devices. No devices are on the blacklist.

Power cycles, from 10 seconds to 10 hours are not seeing the devices.

They were app controlled, to turn off, with the power on, before they became unresponsive.

Power cycle your router ,we have 6 of the plain bulbs and we notice that after the app update back in September we had 2 bulbs that failed we killed the power to them for 5 mi utes,uses, power them back on and looked at them on our wifi router map and there back with no issues

I’m going to put this one down to ‘Magic’ that after changing nothing on this end, but for just making this forum post things started to work.

I made one last attempt to pair the 2 regular bulbs, they both paired/connected, and the color bulb that would not pair for the last three days, doing the same exact things as I did for the last three days, connected.

Thanks to the support person that reset that server back at the Wyze farm.


Glad you got it working!

Well first of all at each bulb what is the RSSI level? If it’s in range then I would re boot my router