Bulbs will not stay online

Hi. My bulbs will not stay online. I have 2 bulbs that I have even attempted to delete, and now cannot add them back. The app will not delete the 3rd offline bulb.

Any suggestions?

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Just had same issue and could not add bulb back, failed to connect. Finally deleted bulb after resetting router, still could not connect. Had tried with new phone (Android 10) and old phone (Android 7, no SIM card). Decided to see what would happen if I tried both phones at same time, wasn’t even sure if bulb would allow two connections on its WiFi. Initially nothing, then cancelled setup on one phone and the other immediately finished setup. Has been up and running again for a couple days.

Bulbs are garbage. I’ve sent multiple logs to them and never get a reply. Other users want to blame router. That’s not it. I’ve got commercial grade routers in the house. None of my other devices have any troubles. Only wyze bulbs!

I know support is backed up right now. I am not blaming your router but you can’t just rule it out. In my experience usually the culprit is the placement of the bulbs. I have had some light fixtures that were metal that took some work to get them to work in. If you have 1 bulb that works, I would swap one that doesn’t with that one and see if it works. If it still doesn’t then the bulb is truly faulty. If it does then you have to look at factors in the environment or home network.

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