Conflciting sleep data for watch/app

I’ve used the watch’s sleep tracker fro two nights now. For each night, the summary I get on the watch for wake/light/deep times differ substantially although the sum of all three is roughly the same. In particular, the app shows an ‘awake’ time of over an hour while the watch itself shows an ‘awake’ time of only a few minutes and a larger amount of ‘deep’ time.

Hi @jrisken I had that happen once but didn’t repeat. Make sure the app is not having trouble with Sync/Connect. Reboot the watch and phone. If it continues, create a log and open a support ticket.

I’ll try that. In general, I leave bluetooth off so the connection with the watch is not constant. I am assuming that when I turn bluetooth on things will synch, but maybe that’s where the error (in my thinking or in the implementation) is,
last night’s data: Wake: :05 watch, 2:09 app; light: 4:27 watch, 3:16 app; Deep: 1:50 watch, :57 app

Leave my phone off at night until late morning. Turn on to check data on watch and cameras. Thinking it may just be a hickup in the app somewhere. My one time error on sleep length was:
Watch = 7hr 24 min / App = 3hr 34min.

Wyse watch 47 no sleep data. I got it for 3 days and now for 2 nights, no sleep data. It’s a good watch to check the time.

Since since restarting the phone and the watch per someone else’s suggestion everything has worked okay for me

Maybe the app needs a refresh option like when you pull down on most iPhone apps, they will refresh the data. My watch show I slept almost six hours last night, but the phone app show 1 minute. It would be nice to be able to resync the app before the watch dumps that data.


Sync issue: Last night I slept 7+ hours, woke up and the app sync’d and logged the 7 hours sleep. Yesterday was a 20+ hour work day, so I ended up sleeping another 3 hours after 30 minutes of tossing and turning. Now, the phone app only shows the last 3 hours, but the watch shows correctly the entire 11 hour sleep cycle. This isn’t the first time this has happened. It also didn’t record in the app, my SpO2 reading at the 7 hour wake up. The data, at least for the sleep is still correct in the watch, but the app, which should have much more computing capabilities, can’t seem to get it.
Anyone else seeing this?

So, this has happened three nights in a row. Hard to find a pattern. I thought maybe if I didn’t sync the data on the app with the watch, it wouldn’t think awake time was the place to start the sleep cycle. Last night, the watch dumped the first half of my sleep cycle and only displays sleep as the point of my restroom break until my alarm went off and I started my day.

I gave up on WYZE. They are using customers to troubleshoot their devices that does not work. Waste of $20. FOR 20 BUCKS ITS ONLY GOOD FOR TIME.

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Well last night the watch failed to record about 3 hours of sleep. Recorded sleep after a bathroom break, but not the 3 hours prior. This is all really disappointing. Finding out SpO2 isn’t really accurately readable at the wrist, the watch maybe, maybe not recording sleep and then the transfer of sleep time from the watch to the app may or may not be complete. Add in the lack of usable watch faces and I’m back wearing my Casio.

Last night, the transfer dropped the first light sleep block, but the watch still has it. The app shows me immediately going into a deep sleep.

Wyze definitely has GREEN people across the organization. Mature companies don’t have such faulty products back to back to back.

If an app shows data at the day level, it should have the whole day. The sleep graph only shows part of 24 hours. I work various hours of day and get 2-4 hours between odd shifts. The graph shows only sleep for night time periods. I have slept 8-10 hours for various days and only the first 4 hours are picked up.

Its definitely software related and not enough scenarios have been built into the software.

A mature or knowledgeable product test team or QA team would know to check for a diverse set of scenarios. All other health data is off compared to Fitbit and apple watches.

Its definitely a $20 watch and should be considered a toy watch that allows Wyze users to use as remote/notifications for the other Wyze products. Wyze is spreading its resources too thin to worry about fixing key issues of many of their products.

I consider all my Wyze products as toys to tinker with and nothing more.

I’ll have to go back to wearing my FitBit which is more accurate across the board.

I wonder how many sophisticated watch users there are that demand higher quality hardware AND software with a diverse set of fully functional functions. Wyze definitely doesn’t care about these knowledgeable users.