Watch 47 - Sleep tracker needs a lot of work. Experience and suggestions

The sleep tracker only works properly when you have normal sleep hours. It has not registered any mid-day rest for me.

They register sleep while charging,
They register sleep while I am working at my desk at night.
I’ll get three hours of sleep and the report will say anywhere from 5-11hrs sleep.
And oddly about a day a week, it registers no sleep at all.

To the dev’s;

Update the firmware to suspend/disable tracking while charging. I’ll see it trying to read my heart rate while it is sitting on the desk.

Add an option to read blood oxygen on an interval.
Add different intervals to read heart rate.
Add a check to attempt to get a heart rate reading if sleep is suspected - If it is sitting on the counter and not a wrist or leg, then a lack of heart rate should be a good tell.

The only other check I can think of right now is if the app can read if the phone is being used interactively. But that can lead to some false info as well, maybe someone is on your phone checking something. The biggest issue there (for me) is from another issue regarding the ability to view camera events. My wife has to sign in as me to see the events as sharing does not allow event viewing. This can be solved by allowing shared cams to show events or in the app set the primary device so the app doesn’t need to run in the background outside of the primary device.

I’m a part-time software developer and tinkerer myself. These should be easy things to implement even with the limited resources of the hardware. As an early backer of many recent products, I do understand they are not perfect and there is room for improvement. I love what you guys are doing and look forward to improvements and new products.