Watch 47 - how does sleep work? Or does it?

It HAD seemed like the sleep monitoring was working, I’d go to bed about 2200, get up about 0500 and it would report 7 hours of sleep, usually with about:
a few minutes of awake
about 5 hours light sleep
about 2 hours of deep sleep.
Last night I went to bed at about 2300 got up about 0600 and it reported 11 hours 4 minutes of sleep.
26 minutes of awake
8 hours 29 minutes of light sleep
2 hours 35 minutes of deep sleep

Now there is another “feature” I don’t trust.
Android FW 0.12.43,

Again, the watch shows more sleep then possible.
@~2240 went to bed
@~0630 got up
Elapsed real time 7 hours, 50 minutes
Watch shows 10 hours 14 minutes.
Samsung A20, Android app 2.20.21, watch 47 FW0.12.43

Maybe its measured in dream time. :grinning:

I checked the watch before going to bed, There were no times ahown.
Again, the watch shows more sleep then possible.
this time I tried to pay attention to the times that the watch reported I was going to sleep and got up.
@~2300 went to bed
watch shows 0654pm
@~0700 got up
watch shows 0654 am

AGAIN Watch shows 11 hours 21 minutes of sleep (and 39 minutes awake) versus elapsed real time of 8 hours

Is this a vortex manipulator?

Samsung A20, Android app 2.20.21, watch 47 FW 0.12.43

What I’ve noticed is that the sleep start and end times for me are never accurate, so the feature is useless.

Well like they say it’s only $33.00 watch and not a $380.00

Amazfit watch cost is about 1.5 times as much (not 10 times) and they have the software that does all the things I listed. The Wyze hardware is better in my opinion, so if they could get the software to match they’d have an awesome product. I’d pay the same as Amazfit charges for it. The cost of improved software, unlike the cost of the hardware components, is spread across all of the devices sold so should not be a major cost burden on each watch sold. Some of the flaws I mentioned are just design issues and if they were implemented properly in the first place would not have cost anything more (eg. failure to scroll, properly calculated exercise zones, etc.)

Talking about an apple watch/Samsung Galaxy watch

Well, I’ve only worn my watch for 3 consecutive days so far. I am up nights typically due to a sleep disorder I’ve learned to just adjust my lifestyle to, but the watch appears to not report when I’m actually sleeping, but I somehow got 13 hours of good sleep while working, cooking, taking care of a newborn, etc. the app shows I didn’t wake up once during all that. I’m amazing!

It only reported that I slept at all 1 time, and not while I was actually sleeping. Disappointed. :weary: